SCABA is a system service provider for the development and production of customized LiIon battery systems for industrial applications. Founded in 2015 as a typical garage start-up of the TU Dresden, we now operate modern production facilities and count a large number of internationally renowned industrial companies among our customers. Our success is based on unique, patented technologies, which allow a "Lego"-like assembly of the battery storage, as well as our unconditional will to find the best technical solution for our customers. The safety and durability of our products are always at the centre of our attention.  "Maximum quality at all development stages and in all production steps" is our claim in every project.


Our customers always start by asking us "What is the difference of SCABA?". The answer is not difficult to find:


Reduced storage cost per watt hour compared to all market available battery systems with pouch cells


Higher energy density compared  to all market available battery systems


Scalability of assembly = 10.8 V .. 2 kV | 1 Ah .. 1 kAh

Construction like LEGO® =  no ready-made modules


Self-supporting rigid structure of the energy storage system

Heat transfer by intelligent fluid based convection in a hermetically sealed system for increased packing density and a minimum of service or support
(no additional cooling support!)

Minimal discharge rate in all kinds of environment

OUR SMART Design: Simple + Safe

  • Intrinsic safe energy storage design
  • "Lego" principle for adapted shape of the battery
  • Use of unique mass-produced plastic/metal multi-cell connectors *
  • Build-up of geometrical complex storages with different voltage and capacity
  • Pretensioned structure for a save and robust connection of all cells
    (Tested in accordance to MIL 810G 513.6, 514.6 and 516.6)

* patented

Your Advantage: MUCH More Power in less space


Only 540 cells in fixed modules*


900 cells in a geometry adapted shape

The SCABA technologies have significantly higher energy density with optimized utilization of the available space.

* patented

We rely only on the global Standard

  • Cylindrical cells (18650, 20650, 21700, ...)
  • Wide range of High Capacity and High Power Types available
  • Continuous improvement of chemistry
  • High volume manufacturers LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, Sony
  • Global production capacity ~ 4.2 billion cells/year
  • Typical cell for e-Bikes and Power-Tools
  • Current basic cell of Tesla Motors Inc. an BYD
18650 Li battery cell the Basis for our energy storage system