Scaba is JUST A Better SYSTEM

  • System costs in large series production below 125 EUR/kWh
  • Unique mechanical stability: forces up to 1 kN per cell are transferable
    (No other battery system carries structural forces within the battery itself)
  • Significantly increased vibration resistance
  • Significantly improved utilization of installation space
  • Usually 30% more capacity compared to all available modular designs
  • Safe Investment due to a destruction-free disassembly of standardized round cells


  • Increased safety due to small amount of active material per cell
  • Spacing between the cells allows for significantly improved temperature control of the active material
  • Low electric field strength due to large pole distances and extremely reduced current density compared to classic modular design
  • Innovative fuse concept prevents internal battery short circuits
  • Even in the event of a disaster, Scaba batteries show gentle failure behaviour that can be controlled at any time
  • Qualification and certification of the developed products with internationally renowned partners (UL, TÜV, ...)


  • Low production costs due to industrial prefabrication (injection molding, punching and bending) of all SCABA components
  • Use of standardized components allows short delivery times for prototypes and samples as well as scalable production from manual prototyping to large fully automated series production
  • Complete control of all system components with batch tracing and position data acquisition as part of a fully automated high-speed production


0.75 sec

Total time for inline testing & assembly of a cell

& last but not least:

SCABA can do all by itself

(except the cells)

  • Use of a self-developed battery management system
  • Entire interface communication in our hands
  • Total control of the entire software
  • Owner of all safety protocols and issuer of corresponding acceptance certificates