Scaba is JUST A Better SYSTEM!

  • System costs in large series production below 125 EUR/kWh @ 1,40 EUR/cell
  • Unique mechanical stability: forces up to 1 kN per cell are transferable
    (No other battery system carries structural forces within the battery itself)
  • Significantly increased vibration resistance
  • Significantly improved utilization of installation space
  • Usually 30% more capacity compared to all available modular designs
  • Safe Investment due to a destruction-free disassembly of standardized round cells

Scaba is JUST SAFER!

  • Increased safety due to small amount of active material per cell
  • Hermetically closed, highly efficient temperature control system
    with 3M NOVEC ® as convection or phase transition cooling

  • Spacing between the cells allows for significantly improved cooling
    of the active material against large-sized cells

  • Low electric field strength due to large pole distances
  • Extremely reduced current density compared to modular design
  • Innovative safety concept prevents internal battery short circuits in case of a crash


  • Low production costs due to industrial prefabrication (injection molding, punching and bending) of all SCABA components
  • Use of standardized components allows short delivery times for prototypes and samples (approx. 6 weeks for 40 kWh) as well as scalable production from manual prototyping to large series
  • Low production time due to fully automated production (> 1.2 cells/s)
  • Through the large variety of cell types the performance, capacity and price can be adapted and optimized to the customer needs